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    SOLO - All of the sudden my password does not work


      I have been gone for a while and not able to use muy sling box.  Yesterday I attempted to log in and I received a message that my password does not work and to re-enter or swith to my view only password. 


      Having read a few posts with a similar problem, I assigned a new email address with same password... still have the same problem.  I changed my password, with the old email address and new... still have the problem.


      The system validates my account upon log in but just will not cnnect to my box.  I am remote from my ox but had someone verify all lights are on and connections are sound... internet in the house is working and there have been no interuptions in service.


      Nothing has changed, except my ability to log in with my password that has been working for well over a year with no problems.


      Any ideas, suggestions?


      Thanks - Greg