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    Faulty IR Blaster out of box?


      Hello, I've just purchased a Slingbox Solo to use with Foxtel in Australia (bought in the US).  I've used the information in this forum to set up a custom remote control.  Unfortunately it didn't work the first time, troubleshooting showed that the IR blaster wasn't sending at all (viewing it via a digital camera, no signal).  I then went back to set up and used a standard supported device configuration to double check, and the IR blaster still wasn't sending.  Given the IR blaster is brand new out of the box I'd be surprised if is faulty (maybe my faith is misguided?).  I'd appreciate any guidance re other options to check etc.


      Thanks in advance.


      PS - I previously attached this question to an exisiting discussion, but think it's probably more appropriate as a new one so have deleted and added here, hope that's ok.