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    WP7 slingplayer mobile - remote control action so slow it's unusable


      I have an HTC Trophy (Verizon) WP7.5 (Mango). I bought a new Slingbox Pro HD today (already bought your $30 WP7 slingplayer app - which wouldn't work with my Slingbox Pro and forced me to buy another one).  It's connected to a DISH VIP 722K via component.


      On the Windows (laptop) slingplayer, everything works fine. Picture is great, Sound good, remote works, etc.


      On the Windows Phone 7 slingplayer mobile, picture is good, sound is good, remote has a major problem.

      Every time I press a button on the virtual remote, it takes ~ 45 to 180 seconds for the video to start again. Usually the screen goes grey and there is a thin little purple percentage complete bar growing across the screen with the button label under it for an interminable period of time. It takes so long to come back that when I press 'guide', by the time the picture comes back, the onscreen guide has already timed out and gone away on the set top box.


      Sitting in front of the TV, I see that the control command gets to the box quickly (The guide shows up on the TV within a second, up and down buttons take action quickly), but the mobile player sits there with a grey screen for 2 minutes as if waiting for confirmation from the set that it's gotten the IR command. The only way to get back to picture quicker is to disconnect and reconnect to the slingbox. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, no difference.I've connected locally via WIFI, as well as 3G, no difference.


      I've read several postings in reviews of the WP7 Sling player that talk about this issue (now that I knew to look for them, they are out there). Some mention that it started occurring after the Mango update, some were posted as much as 8 months ago (B4 Mango was out to the general public). If it is an issue with Mango, the Mango RTM was out months ago. Verizon's release of Mango was Late last month. At this point probably 90% of the WP7 handsets out there have been updated to it.


      Update 11/7/11:

      As suggested below by fofo, I contacted technical support directly (I wrongly assumed they paid attention to the forums apparently). I may have been a little rough on Carlos, but he held up well and gave some good info. That's how a customer service Rep is supposed to act - good job Carlos and thank you.

      Takeaways are that they know about it and are working on it, and that Slingplayer isn't officially supported for Mango ( a little slow in my opinion, particularly in light of the app's price ). Just to push this to the top of their 'to do' list, if you are seeing the problem as well please contact tech support as I did. I'm assuming this is not an isolated problem and it IS a major issue with the player. 'The sqeaky wheel gets the grease'


      Full conversation below


      4:18 PM Carlos: Thank you very much for the infomation. We truly appreciate your time. I am going to pass this information out to our developers for them to take a look at it.
      4:19 PM Paul Harris: The windows (on my laptop) works perfectly, but on the phone (windows phone 7) the player is no good, and at $30 I would have expected it fixed by now. Check forums, this is not a new problem - DOZENS of people are complaining about it on your own forum.
      4:20 PM Carlos: Great. If other people are reporting, our developers would take a look at it faster.
      4:20 PM Paul Harris: Are you indicating this is the first Sling/Dish has heard about it?
      4:21 PM Carlos: That is correct. As a chat representative, I do not really have time to check all posts on out forum. Most of the times I realize things by customers reports.
      4:22 PM Paul Harris:
      https://community.sling.com/message/55426#55426  - posted october 18th. Please pass this along to the developers as well.
      4:22 PM Carlos: I will.
      4:23 PM Paul Harris: Should I expect any feedback or response from them regarding progress or acknowledgement?
      4:24 PM Carlos: I do not think they will contact all customers as this OS is not yet officially supported but this should definitely show on our website, including our forum as soon as there is a fix available for it.
      4:25 PM Paul Harris: 'this os is not yet fully supported' ???? WP7 7.5 (mango) has been out for almost a month, with ~90% of all windows phones already updated to it automatically. You can't even buy a phone with a previous version any more.
      4:26 PM Carlos: Correct.
      4:26 PM Paul Harris: So ... what did you mean then?
      4:28 PM Carlos: I mean, In your sentence above, there are two statements. One is about the time the OS has being out and the other asking if the OS version is not yet fully supported, so, "correct" means both of your statements or right/ok.
      4:29 PM Paul Harris: No, I mean what did you mean by "This OS is not yet officially supported" ??
      4:30 PM Carlos: That means that the software version is not supported yet.
      4:30 PM Carlos: Actually I just found something that says that our developers are already working on that, so, hopefully the fix is about to come anytime soon.
      4:31 PM Paul Harris: Do you mean that Slingplayer for WP7 doesn't yet officially support Mango?
      4:31 PM Carlos: Correct. That is what I have being saying.
      4:32 PM Paul Harris: Understood, I thought you meant the OS itself wasn't supported, meaning that it wasn't yet released to public.
      4:33 PM Paul Harris: I'll be watching for the update. Note that this problem was being reported prior to the release of mango as well, however (posts as early as 8 months ago).
      4:34 PM Carlos: My apologies for that. I am actually going to escalate your case so they contact you directly whenever there is a fix.
      4:35 PM Carlos: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
      4:35 PM Paul Harris: Superb, thank you. In order to help/reassure others that have come across my posting in the forum, do you mind if I copy the meat of this conversation to that thread?
      4:36 PM Carlos: I see no problem on that. Actually that way they will be informed that Sling Media is working on this.
      4:37 PM Paul Harris: Thanks, have a great day !
      4:37 PM Carlos: It was a pleasure Mr Harris.
      4:37 PM Carlos: Thank you for contacting Sling Media chat support. Enjoy the rest of your day!