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    Slingplayer issues with HDS600 (won't work on phone or laptop off my own network)




      I bought this product really looking forward to using the TV anywhere feature. Basically, it's not working.


      I also forked out for the android app (I have a HTC Desire HD) and it works very poorly on that (only when I'm connected to my home network, not on another network or 3g. When using it on my home network, when I push a button, the screen on my phone freezes for about 15 seconds (even though I can see on the tv the button press has been actioned).


      Today I tried connecting to it on a laptop at my girlfriends house, and it wouldn't connect to my box.


      Is there anything I need to check or a simple answer?


      It works fine on my laptop on my home network, but nowhere or on anything else! Pelase help!