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    There was an error connecting to your Slingbox


      I've logged on to my account successfully. Started setup. Nagvated to Configure Inputs > Which input do you want to configure?. After a min, I encountered the following error message":

      "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox" Do you want to retry - Yes or No. Clicked Yes, and the same error appears again.


      I have reinstalled the software, remove firewall, all the light are on the Slingbox, and the same error appears.


      Previously, I was able to configure cable input successfully. Then I configured for set top box with IR remote cable. It was also successful, but my set top box model was unavaliable or not listed, so I reverted back to Configure Input. This is where I am unable to bypass Configure Input > Which input do you want to configure?. The above error appears.


      I thank you in anticpation of your reply.

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          Have resolved problem on my own.

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              I have exactly the same problem. How did you fix it?

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                  Hi PLPrince,


                  Sorry I forget to post the resolution.


                  Press the reset button at the rear (left) of the Slingbox for 5 secs. This will reset all settings back to Factory Settings. Commence from the start to configure you Slingbox again. This should resolve your problem.


                  I have also indentified the cause of my problem. Previously in "Internet Viewing Advanced Settings", there are 2 options:

                  - Manually configure my router (recommened)

                  - Automatically configure my router (retry)


                  I selected "Automatically configure my router (retry)". This default setting to my router, caused the my problem.


                  Temp Soultion:

                  I selected "Manually configure my router (recommened)". The router options did not have my router brand or type, which is the Billion BiPAC 7800N. I choose Belkin F5D5231-4, and tested. All appears fine.


                  I find the Slingbox setup have an insufficent options for brand/type for routers, set top box etc., By choosing the compatiable options, resulted in a very unstable Slingbox.


                  NOT happy with the product.

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                      Thank you, angel888, for your response.


                      Looks like I have a bigger problem...


                      My Slingbox Pro was OK for about 3-4 months when suddenly stopped working last weekend. I was out of town and when I got back home I realized that the power must have gone down, since the clocks on my appliances were reset. I tried to connect to the box from the SlingPlayer on my Windows XP. Couldn't do it. So I did exactly what you suggested (Factory Settings) and wanted to set the box from scratch. When choosing Connect->Slingbox directory, the program "sees" my box as "My Slingbox, Unconfigured". When highlighing it and clicking on "Connect" button, I'm getting an error message "There was a problem communicateing with the Slingox. Try connecting again." I also tried to reset the box from slingbox web page and got the same error message. I think I'll start the new thread, maybe someone experienced the same problem...

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                  Hi angel888.


                  I'm getting that you used a different router's brand and model


                  For the Internet Viewing Setup, you can use the following site.


                  Port Forward.




                  I'm getting that you can't connect from your XP computer.


                  For a case like that, besides the reset of the Slingbox, you need to make sure about hardwired connections, both the Slingbox and computer to the same router (just to troubleshoot).


                  Besides that, discard any network restriction or firewall preventing the Slingbox to connect (you can check the router's DHCP table to see if it's recognizing the Slingbox as well).


                  Also, you can contact the SlingMedia Technical Support to troubleshoot over the phone or chat.


                  Contact the Sling Media Technical Support.



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                      Hi Josebrenes,


                      Thanks for the response. I had a look at Port Forward, click on the document but unable to connect to the url because of my virus protection (Trend Micro). However, Port Forward looked a bit complicated. Are there any documents showing how to do this step by step?.



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                        Thank you, Josebrenes, for your reply and advice.

                        Looks like I have real problem: The box I was talking about I dumped on ebay as “not working” for the fraction of what I paid. I bought another used one, which I received today. The “new” box acts exactly as the other one did: I can see it on the local network (from SlingPlayer and from “Watch” on the slingbox.com), but cannot connect to it.

                        I connected everything the way it’s supposed to be (cat-5 cables from Slingbox Pro and from my computer to the same DSL router). I checked – the Firewall is off. The box got it’s DHCP address – I can see it on the router, Slingbox returns pings. So, everything seems to be OK, but I’m still getting “There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again”.

                        The error shows as:
                        Error: 0x92340011

                        Context: 20

                        Operation: 1


                        I'm thinking: is it possible that two boxes in the row are shut the same way? Very unlikely. I think.

                        There must be a way to get it to work!


                        I totally ran out of ideas. Please, help!


                        Thanks in advance!
                        PL Prince