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    Out of nowhere, I get audio but no video


      Hello, I have a Slingbox Pro-HD, and while I was watching it the other night, the video stopped displaying out of nowhere.  I've called home and had someone check that all the cables are plugged in correctly and they are.  It is happening when trying to view on both my SlingCatcher and laptop.  I was able to connect to a second Slingbox with no problem, so I think it has to be a problem with the one particular box.


      Not shockingly, it happened soon after I downloaded a firmware update on my SlingCatcher.  I'm beginning to think its no coincidence that I run into problems every time I download an update.


      Anyway, if anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Otherwise, if anyone knows of any product that does just what the Slingbox does, I'm all ears because I'm at my wit's end here.


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