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    Newbie questions about slingbox



      I have some questions about Slingbox.

      Is it possible to get a Slingbox with DVB-C tuner or do I need an external set top box with the tuner inside?

      If not will it then be available in the nearest future?

      How does the tvguide, in eg. slingplayer for tablets, work if you use an external STB as tuner?

      Can the Slingbox control a STB via IR?



      Thanks in advance



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          Hi Bappel86,


          The Slingbox doesn't currently support DVB-C signals, but you can use a Set-Top box and also you will get the TV guide attached to your cable or satellite provider and the zip code (in the supported countries).


          Can the Slingbox control a STB via IR?

          That's correct, that's the reason of the IR blasters, if you connect a Slingbox directly to the coaxial coming from the wall and not a STB, you don't need to use the IR blasters.