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    How do I connect my Slingbox Classic to a new Tivo Premier with only component and HDMI output


      I use to have a Motorola DVR that had an S-Video out and connected directly to my Slingbox Classic (SBC)


      Now, I have just upgraded to a TIVO Premier DVR and the only output on the device are the RBG component or the HDMI.  How do I now connect my SBC to this new TIVO Premier DVR?   Is there a 4 Pin S-video to RBG component cable I can buy. Then I can split the RBG component cable, one to TV and other to SBC.  Or is the a 4 Pin S-video to HDMI cable that I can do the same with?


      Or should I just get a new Slingbox Solo?  My SBC still works great if I could only get it connected.