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    Slingbox Solo dead in less than 7 months - where is support?


      I want to contact Slingbox support - where are the contact numbers?


      Here is my story so far:


      Slingbox power light is on - but nothing else.


      * No network lights flashing.

      * Not accessible from network,

      * Video pass-thru to TV ok, but no sound. source video and audio are perfect, so this is not a problem with the source.

      * Hard reset - does not work. Pressing the reset button at the back for any length of time - 60 seconds folks? nothing.

      * Unplugging, waiting 24hrs, plugging in again - no joy.

      * The support website - the worst I have ever encountered in terms of getting support for a faulty product - seriously.

           Clicking on contact us - contact screen flashes briefly for a split second and is then replaced with a slingbox ad page. This happens from various locations on the site.


      * Random search on the internet for symptoms like my slingbox solo - plenty. Support seems to be dismal.


      Request: I need to know the Slingbox RETURN policy and WARRANTY conditions. I know that under EU LAW, I am protected for 2 years against defects in workmanship but the sheer effort to put customers off from seeking their rights is amazing.