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    Do you want to retry? [Code:W201]

    Sunshine_D Newbie

      I repeatedy get this error message.  It's been reliable for years but every few minutes of watching this happens.


      There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? [Code:W201]


      It usually takes two tries before it successfully re-connects and then a few minutes later it disconnects with the same message and the cycle repeats.


      I've tried the entire troubleshooting list multiple times.  What is the problem?

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          Sunshine_D Newbie

          When I use the Sling player program instead of the browser I get this message:


          The Slingbox has reset the connection, which disconnected SlingPlayer.

          [Advanced users: the error code is 0x923400dc.]


          Symptoms are the same as first post.  Only the text of the error is different.

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            Hi Sunshine_D,  here is more information about the error codes.


            Understanding Watch on Slingbox.com error codes



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                Sunshine_D Newbie

                The error message translates to my Slingbox was disconnected from the Internet.  But why?  Why over and over?

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                    Sunshine_D Newbie

                    Tried everything as far as changing the router and modem and turning off firewall and making sure connections are secure and cables aren't bad and still have the problem.  However, I've noticed that if I limit viewing to the "better" setting on the browser app, I don't get disconnected so frequently.  So what it is about the Slingbox switching into higher resolution mode that screws things up.  I've tested this with my Iphone app and my Ipad app.   If I set the app to SQ mode, it's more reliable.  This is the case on the Iphone and the Ipad.  So, could there be a hardware problem with the Slinbox?  I realize even mentioning the possiblility of bad capacitors on the circuit board will subject this post to instant deletion -- however -- I don't want to take the thing apart if I can avoid it.  Could this be a bug in the firmware that just came out?  Or a common bug in the itunes APPS and browser plugins and Slingbox Player standalone program.


                    The error message translation isn't helpful or correct answer.  Is anyone at Sling Media even looking into this problem?

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                  Hi @ll

                  Its a well known issue.

                  The forum has some threads on this one.

                  Please follow the advices on "getting support"


                  Go to your country's support site.

                  Find the telephone number, according to your country.

                  I called my country support number (Denmark)


                  Was very happy to get a responding, nice and very friendly, support staff member.

                  Told him i have tried all the hints n' tips, faq's that i could find on the support sites and forums.


                  He asked me a few questions, wich i answered accordingly to my present setup.

                  Asked for my contact data, like Full name, address, e-mail, telephone ie.


                  He then named me an RMA number wich i could reffer to, when i had to contact support again.


                  Then he offered me, to send me, a new power-supply, as they have experienced, that

                  this maybe could solve the problem.


                  5 workdays later = Got my new power-supply.

                  Followed the instructions, but same failure.


                  Called the same number, reffered to my RMA number.

                  Another friendly and wery helpsome person, again guided me through their



                  Heres the facts:

                  Got a new power-supply = Didnt solve the problem.

                  Gonna get a new Slingbox Solo, as today stated by UPS on their mail with track n' trace.

                  With a return box, and data on how to return the faulty box.


                  Paied 23 Euro wich i will get refunded, on return og the faulty Slingbox Solo.


                  SlingMedia can be proud of this easy and very competent, serviceminded organisation.


                  Called a supportnumber in Denmark

                  Got redirected to Germany.

                  Gonna get a new box send from The Netherlands.


                  My best regards, and thanks to SlingMedia for this really positive way the handle a RMA


                  Tonny M Nielsen