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    The blinking light is never staying solid red???


      I have purchased the slingboz solo months ago and everything was working perfectly until somehow it stopped working. I was not able to travel back home as I was out of the country nor even if I used the support system it would have helped because I could not do anything with it. I have been back home and have tried ALL THE trouble shoots your website mentioned yet nothing is working.


      I am very upset about this and I want to get this resolved.


      The issue:


      After I plug everything in, the network light blinks and that is all.

      And when I connect to my account online, it says:

      There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Make sure that your  Slingbox is ON and connected to your network. Also check that firewall  and router allow access. Do you want to retry?


      I have switched up computers and still nothing is working.


      Please help me get this to work because I am really upset about this and spent good money for it to not work,