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    What is error code W220?


      I have recently moved my slingbox to a new house and when I connect to it I get about a minute max of streaming and then it gives me error code W220. It's not listed on the list of error codes.


      Any suggestions to get this working properly again?

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          Hi fasequeira,


          What I understand from your post, is that you can't get an steady connection to your Slingbox.


          In this case, I would recommend to provide more information about the issue that you're having.


          The error messages are generic, then you can provide information about the status of the lights when you get the message, network layout etc. That way you will be able to receive a proper response from the forum users.



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              i also get code w220 ..... i recently bought new laptop .... i use a verizon mifi device with it... never had a problem with old computer and mifi device .....all lights on box at home are normal ....when i reconnect it tells me someone is on slingbox do i want to dicnnect them .....that someone is me ...... i get code w220 network error ...there is nothing wrong with mifi




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              keith.sling Apprentice

              Hello fasequeira,


              Thank you for being a part of our online forum community! I understand that you recently moved, reconnected your Slingbox and now it repeatedly disconnects and I'll be happy to help you with that issue. I would suggest testing your bandwidth first, do you know what your upload and download speeds are? You can test your network speed right at speedtest.net to ensure you're meeting the minimum requirements. As long as you are meeting these requirements, I would next suggest power cycling the Slingbox and the router.


              If you have any further issue, I would perform a hard reset on the Slingbox to start fresh, here is a link with instructions on resetting your Slingbox:



              Hope this helps!



              The Sling Moderation Team