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    During set-up, my cable carrier is not on any option to choose from?


      I was not successful in fully completing my set up, specifically, when I was prompted to state my cable provider.  Here's my situation;

           - I have a SLINGBOX SOLO

           - I brought it to the Philippines

           - I have all the prerequisites: i.e. High speed Internet (router), Windows, etc.

           - My cable provider is SKY CABLE (not satellite)

           - My box model is DIGIBOX SkyCable and has this on the back - CDVBC5120

      So, up to this time, I can not control my TV remotely. Pls advise. 


      BTW, the 4 times I had called and spoked with a cutomer service rep, I have been fairly happy with the services provided BUT it appears that there was inconsistency with the information provided.  The last rep I spoke with was not as helpfull as the others and appears to be bored with my questions.