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    LAN Connection


      How do I connect to my  HDS-600RS on my LAN. It has a static IP address and I can ping it, I have scanned the IP address and found that TCP ports 5101, 5102, 5120 and 49152 are open. I have downloaded and installed Sling Player version but when I try to conenct it tells me the device is not supported.


      "Designed exclusively for the European market, the HDS-600RS is a state-of-the-art Freesat+ HD digital television recorder. It combines Freesat satellite TV reception, digital recording, connected TV apps and TV anywhere.

      The SlingLoaded® TV anywhere features allow you to set and view your digital TV recordings from anywhere – throughout your home, at work, on the train or on holiday!"

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          Hi Nimrod,


          SlingPlayer the App is not supported for this device but this will work all good when connecting when you use watch.slingbox.com


          Visit that URL and it will work a treat.


          The HDS-600RS was developed long after Sling Media continued development for the desk top player of SlingPlayer.


          All the best,