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    Incorrect remote shows up through proxy, correct once direct connected to the internet.


      I'm trying to set up the slingplayer software for a multi user environment, as OnCall developers will be using the SlingBox to test our TV service when on call.  We are  sharing one HP laptop running Windows XP Professional SP3, with unique log in credentials.  We are using 1 common slingbox account.


      I am somewhat familiar with the SlingBox application, as I've used it in the past.


      I have the proxy settings set, and can connect to the slingbox through our work proxy and all looks good. (We VPN in, so we need proxy authentication to get the slingplayer back out)   The default remote is the only option.  When I take my Laptop and connect it direct to the internet, the Slingbox Player now displays the correct remote. The proper remote displays now regardless of whether I'm connected through the proxy or not. 


      I had another log on user try the sling player, and although the application functions, it only allows him to see the default remote. 


      This leads me to two assumptions. 

      1. the custom remote is downloaded to the local PC from someplace, assumably the Slingbox site. 

      2. the downloaded content is stored in the users profile.



      What I would like to do is package up the custom remote so that I can have new oncall people install the remote on the first use.  Is this possible?