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    Why do the channels higher than 30 have poor reception?


      The reception is very good for the lower channels. We like Fox News at channel 54 and it is so fuzzy that it is hard to see. The audio is good, however. Do you know why?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I don't believe that this is a problem with the SB per se.    On a recent visit to my SB location, I found several stations with fuzzy or no video.   Thinking the problem was with my cable box, I telephoned the cable network's field tech.    He suggested that I double-check the tightness of all my cable connections.   He advised NOT to use a wrench on them, but DO use very dry fingers to hand-tighten all connections again.    I think I moved one wire's connector on the cable box about one-hundredth of a revolution -- but that was enough to completely solve my problems on those stations that were displaying poor or no video.   The field tech told me that every station is slightly different in its transmission quality, and even the most minor looseness can have big effects.   Go figure .............