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    SB PRO HD works for me, not for others...


      I recently installed a SB Pro HD at my parent's house in Alberta, Canada. I live about 20 km's away from my folks in another city, my brother lives in Seoul, Korea. I can log in & watch the SB @ watch.slingbox.com without any issues but my brother in Seoul cannot. He continually gets the message:

      "There was an error connection to the box. Please check your network, firewall & router settings. Do you want to retry?"


      Why is it that I am able to connect but he is not?

      Any help is appreciated as the SB is for my brother in Seoul, not me!

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Since you are able to connect to the SB from outside its local area network, it sounds to me like the SB is correctly set up for viewing through the Internet.   So I would suspect that the problem resides in your brother's computer, or his router setup, or Internet Service Provider's access to the signal.  Can he try connecting from another location in Seoul outside of his own ISP, such as from a library or coffeeshop that offers free internet access?   Or better yet, from another computer at that other location.   If those alternates do work, then perhaps that would isolate the problem to his computer and/or his ISP.