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    No audio on new Solo setup




      Slingbox newbie, but having worked in the IT and electronics industries here in the UK for many years, hopefully have some idea what I am doing.


      Have installed my Solo a couple of days ago and it is connected quite happily to my local LAN. It has a Sky+ (Samsung) HD box connected via S-Video and a Humax PVR-9300T connected via Phono.


      Slingplayer was initially installed onto a dual core laptop running XP Pro (my preferred device for watching the Slingbox moving forward), but although I could see the video stream from both boxes, I had no sound.


      I therefore installed Slingplayer onto my i7 desktop running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) - again, great video (at least, to the standard that I was expecting), but no sound on either feed.


      I have looked at both Slingbox's basic audio troubleshooting guide (which seemed to connsist of "check your cables") and other Forum posts, but nothing so far.


      I WOULD have had a chat session with Tech Support, but the links to Chat from the support page produce "page not found" !


      As such, any help or guidance greatly appreciated.