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    Error: 0x92370001, power seems fine, network light lit...


      Looks like a number of folks have had this problem as well. Slingbox been working fine for more than a year, all the sudden it won't work and I get this code:


      • Error: 0x92370001
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110

      I reset the slingbox multiple times, unplugged and replugged connections, shut down the router and restarted, etc. with no luck. Odd thing is I've read on a lot of similar posts that it's a power issue -- but the power light is steady which would seem to indicate it's OK? Also, most other posts on this seem to indicate that the networking light is off or blinking. Oddly enough my networking light is solid, so one would think everything was fine. Everything looks fine except it just won't connect - and the slingbox symbol on the slingbox never lights up when I try to connect like it does when it's working, almost like it's not even trying. I tried to set the slingox up again but it can't even detect the slingbox on the network anymore whatsoever. The only thing I can think of is my router recently had a software update, although I'm not sure it was around the same time slingbox stopped working. My father said he didn't think there were any new firewalls or security settings added as part of the upgrade so I can't see how that would be the problem, but perhaps there's something I can do to check? Any help would be appreciated, this is very frustrating. Thanks,


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          Hi bpetrishen,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you can't get a connection to the Slingbox.


          In this case and based on the lights status, what I would recommend as a first step, is to make sure about hardwired connections between the Slingbox and router, besides discard any firewall/network restriction preventing the Slingbox to work.


          You can also access your router, and look for the Slingbox under the DHCP table, to make sure that the router's recognizing the unit.


          Then, try to ping the IP address to check if it's communicating with the network.



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              I'm having the same issue.


              Getting the same error on my Slingbox Solo, network and power lights are solid.  I just replaced the power supply with no change.  I tried unplugging the network cable from the slingbox and the network light stays ON!  I just tried unplugging my slingbox with the network cable unplugged and the network light still lit up solid (No flashing)  Is the Slingbox fried?  Figured this would happen 14 months after I bought it.


              Any help would be great.  I hate paying $29.99 to be told I need to spend $100 for a refurb!

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              I had the same problem but my solution was different. I am using Solwise Home Plugs to carry

              my internet connection round the house and it turned out that the homeplug that was connected

              to my slingox had failed (it was about six years old) even though all the lights were showing conected.

              I connected a different Home Plug ad all worked fine again. The error code did

              mention a possible communication problem as possible cause and for me this was it