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    Unable to view my Xbox 360 through the browser sling player


      I have my xbox 360 running component to the slingbox pro hd. I am also using the component cables that were provided with the sling box player and running that cable from the slingbox to my tv. Now without attempting to access the slingbox via internet. The xbox displays perfectly on my TV. Now this is what happens when I attempt to access the xbox 360 via sling box:


      1) Once the slingbox is activated, the top image of the tv becomes discolored and slightly flickers.

      2) the browser app, I am unable to see anything, at times, I will get just a green filled image and can hear my xbox 360.


      I have confirmed that my slingbox hd pro has been updated to the latest firmware.

      I've also tried different component cables as well. Should I just return the slingbox for another or is this a known problem??