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    SlingBox solution. School Envionment


      Hi, I am looking for a solution for a school environment.. I need to broadcast digital terrestrial television over my ethernet network... Basically I have got an image through a freeview box.. need to push through to some PC's and TV's..


      2. Will it allow me to push the same tv channels to multiple pc's?


      3. To broadcast 2 different channels to 2/3 computers would i need 2 boxes?



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          A slingbox can push tv signals to any number of computers, but I have found that only one computer at a time can view the signal.   If another computer (my wife's)  is viewing the signal when I attempt to watch the same slingbox from another location, I get a message that the slingbox is being used by someone else and do I want to disconnect them -- for the sake of marital bliss I always answer "no".


          To broadcast two different channels simultaneously to two different computers, you would need two slingboxes.