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    Follow up on 3 g issues with slingbox pro hd-ipad2 fine , iphone 4 won't work


      This is a follow up to my previous posting regarding the slingbox pro hd installation that I had geek squad install for me at my home a few days back.

      I have no issues with the slingbox pro hd working when connected to wi fi at my home with both my ipad 2 and my iphone 4.

      When I leave my home and go no more than a few miles from my home whem it switches to 3G, I have had issues no being able to receive any service on my Ipad 2 and Iphone 4.

      However, after reviewing other complaints from other users on this very expensive unit, I found out I was not alone and have considered returning the entire unit back which cost close to 500.00 for everything. I took some of the advice from other users and completely closed all my programs on both the ipad 2 and iphone 4 and also completely rebooted them. I am happy to say that on my Ipad 2, I occasionally can now get tv with 3G after I have closed out all apps and completely rebooted the device.

      Trying the same process with my iphone 4 , I have had no success. This is even with the fact that both devices are in the same area where the 3G reception was a 5 with AT&T.

      The apps are different for the iPad 2 and the iphone 4 that I downloaded and had to pay 29.99 for each download and I complained to itunes that I had to pay twice for the same app, they wrote back to me to inform me that they are considered two different apps , one was for the ipad 2 and the other was for iphone 4.

      Is it possible that the iPhone 4 app is outdated?  I just recently downloaded them.

      If anyone has any other ideas, please send them my way.

      Even though the reviews have been very good about the Slingbox Pro HD, I have to say that after spending close to 500.00 , the main unit costing 299.00 and the port for the room where the router is located cost another 100.00 plus installation, etc...I am ready to return it all and hope to find something more reliable.

      Finally, I am finding out that satellite companies such as the one that I subscribe too, Direct Tv, will be offering this service free as a current account holder before long like infinity and others are doing. Is there a chance that this might take a bite out of slingbox's market since this is the direction that the satellite tv companies are going.

      I am currently able to get CNN live just by being a direct tv member and other tv stations are following the same trend.

      Thank you