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    Motorola DCX3400M Remote Control issues


      I've had the Slingbox Pro HD since April 2011. A few months ago, I got a new cable box when the power supply in the old one died, and fortunately, the new cable box was listed as a supported box (Motorola DCX3400M). Got it all set up with no problems.


      Until a few weeks ago, when suddenly I had a lot of trouble changing channels while viewing on my iPad. The trouble is particularly pronounced when I'm trying to change to a channel involving a 3-digit number. Frequently, it will register only one of the numbers, usually the first or last number in the 3 digit sequence.


      Changing to a single digit channel usually works. Changing to a 2-digit channel sends me to the correct one about half the time. And it never succeeds in finding a 3 digit channel.


      I've messed around with the settings, trying all kinds of different combinations. Fast, medium, slow entry of numbers, 1 digit, 2, 3, etc. Nothing seems to yield results.


      The virtual remote otherwise works fine, except for the channel changing. Does anyone have any ideas as to how this problem might be resolved?