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    Static Video


      I have had a Solo for several years and it has been working fine. Then a couple of days ago the video started having all sorts of static and it is unusable. I can see the video but jagged static lines are all over the screen. Absolutely nothing has changed in the last year. Running WiFi to a Wireless Router that goes to a Time Warner Cable Modem. Highest speed connection possible with them. All the cable TV and Internet connections are hi-speed. I replaced the cable connections, unplugged everything, rebooted everything. NO change. It happens exactly the same if I am on my PC at home going through the wireless router or outside the house on a PC or on Android phone with Verizon. Any idea why it might just start doing this -- and more importantly -- any suggestions on fixing it???

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          Hi papabear5,


          What I understand from your post, is that you're having problems with the Slingbox quality.


          In this case and to discard the Slingbox input as a potential issue, what I would recommend is to connect a different Audio and Video source to the Slingbox, run the Setup (just to troubleshoot) and if the issue is still the same, you can contact the Sling Media Technical Support Department to get the replacement options.


          To contact the Technical Support Department check the following link


          Contact the Sling Media Technical Support.