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    SlingStream insists on QVGA resolution.

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      I've been a  very happy Slingbox Solo user for the last 8 months or so. Love being able to stream around my house, to my phone, and even over here at my girlfriend's.


      I have noticed a slight problem, and it involves the SlingStream optimization in Slingplayer. My internet connection at home is a FiOS connection running at 25mbps/25mbps, my Slingbox is hard-wired to a network. In the past, SlingStream would optimize the video for VGA resolution as both my girlfriend's cable connection and my internet uplink are more than capable of the bandwidth required.


      The last time I did internet streaming, it was over a mobile network to my laptop which would get around 640kbps...this is where SlingStream came in handy because it automatically optimized it for QVGA. This was around the end of July. I haven't done a whole lot of internet streaming since then.


      Now, when I'm at home, SlingPlayer always optimizes it for the full VGA and the video comfortably eats around 1000 - 8000 kbps depending on video content. The other day, I noticed SlingStream INSISTS on optimizing for QVGA over the internet, even after running for 5 to 10 minutes, it will not bump the video resolution up. If I manually tell it to optimize for 640x480, it does so...and the video streams at about the same rate it would as if it was on my home network. So I know both my Slingbox and internet connections are working properly. In fact, right now I'm watching a DVR'd Family Guy that's streaming over the internet at close to 3mbps (yeah, animation uses less bandwidth)


      The only major changes I've made is that I switched my SD STB to an HD STB, and since I don't have an HDTV, I feed my slingbox a 720p signal to avoid the funky deinterlacing errors and so I get full 16:9 on both my phone and laptop.


      And before anyone tries to jump in and go it doesn't support HD, I'm fully aware the Solo can only stream 640x480...the real issue is internet streaming insists on automatically optimizing for 320x240, rather than the full resolution I have bandwidth for.


      Has anyone had this happen? Do I need to reinstall SlingPlayer?


      Other than that..I love this thing. Best gadget I've ever purcahsed. I'm quite the popular guy on football day.

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          Hi Dewdude,


          I'm assuming that you are using the Desktop SlingPlayer version since that's the only place where we display actual resolutions. It's possible this is a result of a recent firmware update. Unfortunately, we don't test against the desktop player any more so firmware updates may cause unexpected results like the one you are experiencing. Do you have any streaming problems using the web based version Watch at slingbox.com? How does it work?



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              I use Google Chrome, so the web-based player is incompatible with my browser, and I don't boot IE up at all anymore, however it does function just fine, at least locally. But even when on the LAN, the desktop player automatically optimizes for VGA resolution. If there was a firmware update recently (I don't really keep track), that could explain it.


              It's a shame testing isn't done with the desktop player anymore. I know how everyone is turning more toward browser based stuff, but I much prefer the desktop player. It still works, I can live with the small bugs.