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    Recent Slow Speeds


      I guess this is really an entire set-up Post, but since we are on the sling catcher end......We live in Eastern Europe (Albania) and use sling catcher here as you cannot get any American channels.  Slingbox is in USA... in a family members spare bedroom....best we've ever received here on slingcatcher was about 500-600kbps...which works ok...however now we only get about 200.


      In the USA the setup is sling box solo with slinginks and we recently updated slingbox software this past June 2011.  We get the same speeds when watching on our PC.


      Internnet speed in Albania in our home is about 4.0mbps...shockingy fast....but end result is terrble.... wew use a linksys wirelss G router and all products have current firmware..


      Anyone have any thoughts on what could have changed?


      Thanks in advance..