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    Go Video DVD-VCR Combo with garbled image when watching a VHS tape only


      I have a Go Video DVR4200.  There is no option in the setup for that model but I found a code that works.  The DVD works perfectly, the menu and setup for the VCR work fine as well.  I am successfully able to toggle the video using some additional remote codes. 


      However, when I try to watch a VHS tape I get a very garbled image (Picture:  Sling Classic Problem1) that lingers (colors are offset as in the picture Sling Classic Problem2) until I disconnect from the device and reconnect.  I have tried all sorts of different installations but nothing seems to work.


      Any suggestions?


      It seems to be an issue related to the video processing as even when I start the setup the image in the setup application is garbled as in the the Sling Classic Problem1 picture.  It is not computer related as when I try to watch on a mobile device or on another computer the image is the same.