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    Pro-HD Network LED Blinking - cannot be found or Setup

    palmerg Newbie

      I am now having the above stated problem.


      Just two weeks ago we had another problem described in this thread: Part of that slution was to make sure virus protection was turned off when running SB Setup - that is not an issue this time.




      I have read every thread I could find related to network light blinking and also all the referenced links they contain ofered by Slingbox support people. I have done all the troubleshooting recommended in those links. I live in Italy and my SB Pro-HD is in Florida so I usually have to ask my brother-in-law (BIL) to be on site to hele me try stuff.


      Here are the facts: Checked all previously working router settings (reserved IP and Port Fowarding) and they are still the same


      1. BIL has tried  to reset SB in 3 ways we have been instructed by techs in the past

      a. push and release reset button - basically power off and on

      b. push and hold reset button for 30 to 45 seconds then release - the "normal" box reset

      c. Push reset and hold - unplug power - continue to hold reset button for 30-45 sec - insert power plug then release reset button - called "hard reset"


      2. Router power cycle and SB Setup attempted after each box reset - no fix - SB still cannot be found on network hence Setup dosen't succeed


      3. Network LED on front of SB blinks continuously after each attempt


      4. Checked seating of cable ends at both ends - they are seated fully


      5. To double check we were able to use the that connection for a laptop and the laptop was issued an IP and accessed the internet with no problem


      6. As stated in referenced thread above we had a battery store check the specs of the power adapter (under load) and found it to be in tolereance.


      That was almost two weeks ago. I only mention this because there have been threads that point to the power adapter as the problem when symptoms like mine occur.


      An Aside: In concept the service that SB provides is unique and very useful. As expats my wife and I rely on SB to provide a small connection to our homeland. We don't need it but it sure is a "nice-to-have" we were willing to pay just north of $250.00 for that comfort. However, in the past 2 months we have had nothing but problems with our unit and have spent many, many hours on the internet and phone with family and SlingMedia support diagnosing and troubleshooting connectivity issues. Honestly, I work in the computer industry and I have never seen such instability in any other electroncs product I have owned. So, the value SB provides is no longer that great since it costs us several hours of babysitting and tweeking just to watch a couple of hours of American TV. I try to be very detailed in my descriptions of the symptoms I have experienced so I hope that if SB techs do find the time to read this post they will try to find a solution beyond simply telling me to read a few links about blinking lights. I am here to say, again, I have read them all and performed the entire process, to no avail. Please, help me find out what is wrong with this expensive device because from the tests I have run it is not my home network, cabeling or my router.


      I am a my wits end

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          palmerg Newbie

          Since no one has chimed in yet I think I will attempt the following to get some more info:

          Set up a dual homed host box with net adapter in promiscuious mode while running Wireshark just to see if there are any negotiation protocols occuring between router and SB. I will have to walk my BIL through this so it may take some time but I will report back if I ever get it to work.

          maybe also try to get SB chat involved next week - will report on that too


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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              palmerg, was you BIL in Florida able to see your SB from his own network via the Internet?



              When your BIL goes over to your Florida home and hooks up one of his computers to the same router to which your SB is connected, can he then view it?


              If the SB can not be viewed by your BIL when attached to the same LAN as the SB, then I would surmise that there is a problem with the SB itself (such as the power supply or some internal electronics?) or the router, or the Ethernet cable connecting the router to the SB.


              If your BIL can view the SB when in your SB's LAN, but not from his own home in Florida, then I would suspect a problem with your router's parameters/connection to your cable modem, or possibly even with your Florida ISP blocking the communications.


              And if your BIL can see the SB over the Internet from his own home in Florida, then I would suspect that there is a problem with the ISP service in Italy, or how the signals are getting routed from the USA to Italy



              I am merely tossing out some possibiliites as an untrained computer user, who has been successful in getting my own SB to work throughout Internet World after some initial hiccups.

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                  palmerg Newbie

                  Thanks for responding


                  The SB cannot be "seen" no matter where the user happens to be. We can't see it from Italy and he, or any of my other relatives who have been trying to help these past 2 weeks, can't see it from any network. It has no IP address so it cannot be ping'ed or otherwise found/discovered.


                  The SB is physically connected to my network via Cat5 cable that plugs into the back of the SB and the other end into a wall plug some 12 feet (3.6 m) away. The back of the wall plug is connected via Cat5 wiring in the walls that terminates at a patch panel upstairs. A Cat5 patch cable connects the termination of that plug in the living room to a wired port on the back of the WNDR3400 (Netgear N600) router. For all intents and purposes my SB is directly connected to the Router, there are no hubs or switches in that link.


                  As I said the SB cannot be found during a Setup attempt from a computer on my home network (where SB sits) with no virus protection or Addware/Malware detection or Firewall. After several attemps using various reset methods suggested by SB Customer Support (see original post) the SB cannot be discovered. The entire time (from what my BIL says) the power LED is on solid, the SB logo (horseshoe) pulses and is sometimes solid, and the network LED blinks (don't know the rate or if it is constant or variable). This tells me that there is a problem with the TCP/UDP "handshake" used by the DHCP protocol.


                  Using the same cable and connection - we have plugged a laptop into the network using the same cable end that was plugged into the SB and it will get an IP and perform internet functions as expected. This tells me it is NOT the network connection that is hampering the DHCP "handshake".


                  The Router has been configured to:

                  1. Reserve for the SB usings its MAC address

                  2. Incoming traffic on port 5001 is being forwarded to

                  3. UPnP is activated (although it may not be necessary except to make setup a bit easier)

                  So, the router appears to be configured properly


                  Now to the power supply (PS) - In the last episode some 3 weeks ago we unplugged the PS and took it to a Batteries+ store where they tested the PS and found it to be within spec. So, it appeared to be working properly. That seems to have been supported because after we came back and got with SBSupport on the phone they were able to get us running after we disabled the Virus Protection and firewall on my wife's work computer (she was in FL visiting family that week). So the PS seemed to be working just fine.


                  Now the SB cannot be found on the network using the same computer that has been able to find it several times before to do a SB Setup. To me it seems to be "grasping at straws" but many posts I have read on the SB forums (focusing on a Pro-HD SB300-100) have had my recent symptoms and were able to fix it using a new PS. It didn't work for some folks but they seemed in the minority.


                  In fact, it seems that SB may be owning up to the fact that there is a possibility that the PS could be faulty with their recent "having trouble with your Power Supply" announcement. So, we re going to try it. I have a case number now and I will be calling them later today (when SB Support and my BIL are awake) and we will try to get this resolved.


                  Thanks again for your post. I will report back if and when this gets resolved.

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                      chakkarinen Apprentice

                      Everything you describe computer-network-wise sounds fine to me.   And I connect my SB to my router through an ethernet switch (total wire distance between sb and router is about 25 feet)  with no problems. And the setup parameters you report all sound fine as well, with both the UDP and TCP protocols included in that port forwarding command to the static IP address that you've programmed your router to assign to the MAC ID of your SB.  So I would be inclined to suspect the power supply.


                      I have noticed that my SB runs hot, so I moved it out of my media cabinet onto the floor behind, plus added extra "legs" to raise it an inch more offf the floor -- this seems to have cooled it down a bit, which I hope will extend its and/or the power supply's lifetime.


                      As a last possibility, I have seen some threads refer to connection problems if the MTU is set to the common default number of 1500, instead of some other number (1452?) but I don't recall if that was a router adjustment or a computer adjustment.

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                          palmerg Newbie

                          Thanks, The MTU is a client -side adjustment and the client is the SB. During Setup the MTU should play a very small roll since there is only protocol transaction and no large data transfers. Heat should not be a problem in my box placement  - there is plenty of ventilation and with all the handeling the SB and power supply have been getting I think that excessive heat would have been noticed. I will ask though.

                          Out of despiration and because SB dosen't seem to really want to "help" here we bought a SB Solo and since it uses the same PS we will be testing that out later today (when they wake up in Florida) if that dosen't work then we will install the Solo to rty and get the service back again and to try and convince SB that the box is not working.



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                              palmerg Newbie

                              Here is where we stand:

                              1. Purchased SB Solo

                              2. Tried Solo Power Supply with Pro-HD - no change still cannot get IP address or otherwise be discovered on home net

                              3. Added Solo to same connection that the Pro-HD used

                              4. It Setup automagically right away (maybe Solo doesn't care how long the cable is)

                              5. I hated it but just to prove that all those people who worked all those years on Ethernet standards didn't do it just for busy work I had my brother in law take the Pro-Hd upstairs to the router and connect it using a 3 foot patch cable (Cat5 - no it wasn't a crossover cable) and tried to perform SB Setup. As expected no dice - network light kept blinking away.

                              6. Called SB explained all this - they were nice about it

                              7. They are sending a new SB pro-HD in mail with return postage included

                              8. They got my CC info and promised to charge $149.99 if they don't get the old broken unit back.

                              9. Should be at home by mid next week

                              10. Wife is happy again - so I am happy although a little worse for wear.


                              Got to say that on first look the Solo is just as good (and initially more stable but its only been a few hours) related to picture quality as the Pro-HD. So, maybe the Pro will become my backup unit. We'll see.

                              Much praise to my BIL for all the hours he spent at the reset button, SB software and on phone with SB to help expats out.And thanks to chakkarinen for trying to help it was a frustrating issue.



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                                  Hi Gary, did you already received the PRO-HD replacement? How's the Slingbox working now?

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                                      palmerg Newbie

                                      Hello Fofo,

                                      I just checked and it looks like the replacement was delivered to the FL home on Monday. I will have to get my brother-in-law to find time to get there and connect it. The SOLO is working consistantly but I have to admit that the picture isn't as good as what we have experienced with the Pro-HD. The more I read the more I think that it may have something to do with the upload speeds at our Florida home but I don't know 1. what that is (actual upload speed number is) and 2. if it can be changed - but I have to look into it more. I will report back when we can get the Pro-HD on line and let you know what happens. Thanks for checking back on this.



                                      PS: I will close this or consider it closed whe the Pro-HD is back on line and working - is that ok?


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