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    Picture Flicker


      Recently I went to watch my slingbox on my computer and It kept flickering every 3 seconds just a flash of black then back to the picutre, I go to university in Indiana and my slingbox is at home in California. I had someone at my house in California reset it but it still continues to do this.  Any suggestions?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Sounds like the upload speed of the ISP at your California location might be too slow.   Or it could be the download speed of your Internet service at your dorm.   You can check the latter by taking your computer to a local McDonalds and try the viewing from there.  Also, if you are attempting to watch programs in HD, this problem could be more frequent.


          And if everything was working fine until recently, then I would have someone check your SB to insure that it is not overheating -- I moved mine out of my media cabinet to the open floor behind the cabinet, and added extra "cushions" to the SB's feet to raise its bottom a couple inches off the floor, with NOTHING above it but open air all the way to the room ceiling, to provide more air circulation.   No problems since.