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    Carola Haarlem


      Hoe kan ik in het Buitenland op een andere TV naar mn TV in Nederland kijken?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Google translater tells me that you are asking,"How can I set up a TV abroad to watch another TV in the Netherlands?"



          If you attach a Slingbox (that is, a Slingbox model compatible with the PAL broadcasting system used in the Netherlands) to your TV system in the Netherlands, then you should be able to view on a COMPUTER from anywhere in Internet Land the TV shows that are being broadcast to your TV in the Netherlands.   To watch the Dutch TV programs on a TV abroard, the simplest way that I know would be to use a TV that has the capability to be connected to a video port on that computer -- in my case, I have an LCD HD-TV that I can connect to my laptop computer with a standard VGA cable.   This allows me to watch programs that I am slinging on a much larger screen, although the sound still comes through the tiny computer speakers.


          Note also that the internet service at the location of your SB in the Netherlands needs at least a couple of megabits per second UPLOAD speed, in order to display the video that it is slinging to Internet Land without stalling or stuttering.