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    Port Forwarding settings




      I have never had much trouble with my Slingbox, but a few weeks ago when I tried to use it a box came up and told me to check my port forwarding settings and make sure it was set up for remote viewing.  I have always had it set for remote viewing so that should not be the problem.  When I try to do the setup asst, it cant even find my slingbox.  However, when I run the setup via the internet, it can find the slingbox but cant connect to it.  All it says is there was an error connecting would like to try again?  When I try again the same thing happens.  I tried doing a hard reset, and have the same problem...and when I run the setup on the internet, it sees my slingbox as though I never reset it.  very confused and frustrated with the lack of support on slings website...hoping this forum will help!



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          Kinda having the same problem.  Was working before, not now.  Network lite won't show.  Some have said maybe power supply issue, meaning internally to the slingbox or external to the wall, not sure...?

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            Hi Pounder1,


            For this issue that you are having to connect to the Slingbox because of the Internet Viewing settings, I recommend to Reset the Slingbox to factory settings to refresh the IP of it and then run the Setup at slingbox.com, do you have the same issue?


            Let us know how that works



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              OK...getting somewhere.  Talked to my ISP and they set up my router with a ISP address for my slingbox.  Now I can watch the thing at home, but still unable to watch remotely.  I tried to go to the Change Network Setting button on the Configuration tab of the Slingbox Directory in hopes of being able to enable remote viewing, but the Change Network Settings button is grayed out.  When I run the setup asst, there is no box to check to enable remote viewing.  I remember when I first set the thing up clicking that box, but now I cant seem to find it.  Please help....leaving on a 2 week trip in a couple of days and would like to have access to my slingbox.