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    slingbox solo streaming problems


      recently over the past month or so my slingbox solo streaming speed has been fluctuating alot. ive had my slingbox for about 2 years now and havnt had many problems until recently. i dont know if its due to my slingbox or my internet.  at home it stays in between 4000 kbps and 5000 kbps.  when i start streaming at work it will start in between 2000 kbps and 1500 kbps and then over time slowly fall and hover in between 300 kbps and 400 kbps and drops out completely from time to time for a second or 2. ive switched out my modem and router within the last 2 days.  is it my slingbox solo or is it the cable companies internet that is messing up.

      any help would be appreciated