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    Slinglink 4-port: does not work reliably. Why? House wiring issue?




      I've just moved my Slingmedia setup to a new house (PRO HD, SlingLInk TURBO 4-port). I have found that the Slinglink 4-port device does NOT work reliably in this home, despite the fact that it worked just fine at my old house.


      If I move all of my networking gear adjacent to the Slingbox and cable the Slingbox directly to my router (off of the cable modem), all is good. If, however, I leave my networking gear in its normal habitat and use the Slinglink devices to bridge the network to the Slingbox, I cannot reliably connect to or use the Slingbox. The box reports repeated network failures.


      I have done all of the trouble-shooting steps outlined on the Slingmedia website - no joy.


      In researching powerline-ethernet on the Web, I have learned that it's possible that the two locations in my house are not on the same 110-volt "leg" of service within my house, and that wiring designs like this can cause problems with powerline ethernet installations. Could that be my issue? How can I test for it definitively? Is there a fix for this? (I've read about something called a bridging capacitor that my address it.)


      Any insights from anyone? Thanks in advance!