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    Topfield TF5810pvr


      I need to control my new Topfield TF5810pvr using the remote. I need to have access to the white button, the guide button, the exit button and the archive button as well as the usual P+ P- ffwd rwd play stop off  on etc.

      The TF5810 isn't a choice at all at present. Previously I have a TF5800 and found a file that worked well enough.

      Can any point me to a file for the TF5801 ideally including the buttons, above, that are needed to effectively us the box?

      Thanks very much

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I built a Custom Remote for the TF5800 and it is at http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dload.php?action=file&file_id=7712


          Give it a try and see if it works and we can modifiy it.



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              I tried this remote. None of the buttons appear to have any effect.


              I am using a TAP called MyStuff. Included in the installer is a new firmware patch file that changes the response to some of the remote buttons:


              [Rm] RemoteMapTF5810 alters TAPs'  view of the TF5810 button presses so they are exactly the same as the  equivalent TF5800 buttons.  This (pretty much necessarily) incorporates  [Re] functionality, supplying the param2 value to disambiguate the mess  of TF5800 keys.  (The special mess they've made of the TF5810 remote  mapping is described here.)


              From http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12498 (accessed 2010/04/26)


              Maybe that is the reason.


              I also found this though given the above it may not be useful to me but may be for another TF5810 user not using the patch: http://www.toppy.org.uk/~r2-d2/Topfield%20TF5810%20PVR.rmdu


              I also found reference to a V2002_RV.bin http://www.slingcommunity.com/download/30488/TOPFIELD-Freview-PVR-TF5810PVRt-sbav-file/ . This does work now the patch is applied. Some buttons do not work. The colored buttons are grey out. Number buttons work OK. LAST works (this is a circle arrow on the actual remote). Return works as LIST. Page Up = Channel Up. Page Down = Channel Down. Exit = grayed out. INFO = Info. Menu = Menu. Record = Record. Play, Stop, FFWD, RRWD are OK. Skip Fwd and Skip Back are grayed out on Sling remote and don't exist on the TF5810 remote. Power button does work.





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                    alanrichey42 Master

                    Waiting patiently for an answer

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                        This works well for me thanks.


                        I found:    

                        Custom 18:    Videorec      NO ACTION      Red button on remote works as videorec so not required
                        Custom 15:    Teletext      NO ACTION      For me not required
                        Custom 14:    Subtitle      Performs LAST action as per remote.      For me not required


                        Custom 10:    List             YES
                        Custom 11:    Library        YES     As White button
                        Custom 12:    Audio             YES   
                        Custom 13:    Options        YES
                        Custom 16:    Aspect        YES
                        Custom 17:    TV/Radio    YES


                        Page +         Greyed
                        Page -         Greyed
                        SkipFwd     Greyed
                        SkipBack     Greyed


                        Other buttons all working for me.


                        Of course other TF5810 users need to bear in mind that my firmware is patched.


                        Thanks very much indeed for your help

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                            alanrichey42 Master

                            OK, looks reasonable.  I never upload remotes to the Public Domain unless they have been proven so need the feedback to check.


                            I've tweaked it according to your findings.  Ignore the Skip+/- being greyed out.   For some odd reason Sling have built their generci remote so that on one of the BIN files (PL I think), these 2 keys are inaccessible while the Track+/- are usable, and on the other one (RV?) it is the other way around in that Slip+/- are enabled and Track +/- are disabled.   As a programmer there is nothing I can do about it.   I have asked them on numerous occasions why it is like that but have never received an answer (or even an acknowledgement).   Maybe now Sling support are involved with this forum I should try asking again :-)


                            So uploaded now at http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dload.php?action=file&file_id=8353





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                    I just got a slinkbox pro-hd, I tried V2010 and it works on both the slingbox classic and pro-hd to my TF5810....thx


                    Topfiled is sick right now so I could not test many buttons..dead hdd and also some blown power supply capacitors, waiting for SATA>IDE converter for the new 1.5TB disk I got to arrive.