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    Webslingplayer keeps 'initializing'......?


      Hi All,


      Recently I cannot connect anymore through the webslingplayer (IE9 + Win7 Ultimate) from Asia with my slingbox (Slingbox Pro-HD) in the Netherlands. It worked fine for about 1 year from all over Asia until the service suddenly stalled and I wasn't able to start it up again. Whenever I try, the slingbox gets stuck on 'initializing'.


      I had somebody trying the same at my home, but even with a cable connection between laptop and slingbox, he was also not able to connect.

      There has been no changes to network, router or computer settings as my home is empty while I am travelling.


      Hereafter being currently in China I installed the latest slingmedia desktop software to a colleagues privat laptop. With this software I can connect to my slingbox at home and all is fine.


      Any suggestions to solve this as I cannot install the slingmedia desktop on my companies computer and since I travel and stay in hotels a lot, the webslingplayer was for many days and nights my lifeline for a decent portion of news and sports.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Since Slingmedia standalone works on your friend's private laptop, I'm betting that the web add-on will also work on his private laptop.  I'm also betting that your company has installed a block on accessing the SB through its network computers.   So perhaps the workaround for you would be to purchase your own private laptop and access your SB outside of your company network?

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              Thanks for replying.


              Maybe I forgot to say clearly that the webslingplayer app was installed after agreement with my companies admin. my companies laptop was with me in Asia all the time and it worked perfectly during my travelling. I made connections through the websling player on hotel networks, so not through my companies network. These hotels I visit frequently, are in big cities all over Asia and their networks are open to receive the slingbox signal, so is my friends privat home network which i tried (and failed). As I haven't been back to holland, nobody could have installed a block after this started and my companies admin acknowledged to me that there were no changes from his side. It begun about 2 weeks ago and in the meantime I also have tried get the webslingplayer to work after I switched off my firewall (windows) and antivirus (avast) as I might feared that they are blocking the slingbox after an update but no result.


              I pinged the slingplayers IP and it seems it is albe to communicate well with my companies laptop, It is just not going any further then the initializing screen


              Buying a second (privat) laptop is not an option as I need to travel light