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    Problems with the Verizon Fios DVR


      Does anybody know what remote works with the Motorola QIP 721161?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/thread/3300?tstart=0


          Come back if it doesn't help.



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              Hey Al,

              I've done everything that was asked in that thread and still no luck finding a compatable remote. The Slingbox AV does not support a 'build a remote' feature. any ideas?

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  First problem is the model number you have quoted (QIP 721161).   I can find no reference to that device anywhere on the Internet.   In fact I don't recall a Motorola QIP that has more than 4 numbers before.   Are you sure that is correct ?


                  If it should be just QIP 7216 then there is a Custom Remote for that so give that a whirl.

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                      Hi Al,

                      Your right it is QIP 7216... I don't know where I got those other digits. What would be the custom remote for that, do you know?

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                          alanrichey42 Master

                          Err..    Perhaps the Motorola QIP 7216  ?      http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dload.php?action=file&file_id=6852

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                              Hi Al, Sorry but my PC won't open that file. How do I get it to work?

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                                  alanrichey42 Master

                                  What do you mean "Won't open" ?   What's the message ?

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                                      It's says RDMU is not a valid Win32 application... 

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                                          I meant RMDU....

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                                              alanrichey42 Master

                                              Why are you trying to run that file ?   Have you read the instructions in the Readme file first ?

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                                                  I read the readme file and when I go to save it under the program file / Slingmedia all it has is 'Websling player Active X' I don't know why this is being so complicated...

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                                                      alanrichey42 Master

                                                      OK, that makes absolutely no sense to me.   Having said that, that is a very old remote with out-of-date instructions.  A more up-to-date version would be:





                                                      IMPORTANT:  If you have any problems PLEASE read ALL of this file before you post a question on the forums.


                                                      This ZIP file contains 2 BIN files.


                                                      V2010_PL.bin and V2010_RV.bin


                                                      (These instructions assume you have installed the standalone Slingplayer on your PC/MAC, as you cannot install Custom Remotes from the Web-based player.  If you do not have the program see http://support.slingbox.com/go/windows-download-desktop-us or http://support.slingbox.com/go/dl-mac-desktop)


                                                      PC Version:
                                                      Put the two BIN files into your C:\Program Files\Sling Media\Slingplayer\SBAV\ folder.  (C:\Program Files(x86)\Sling Media\Slingplayer\SBAV\ for WIN7)

                                                      Mac version:
                                                      Put the two files into your /Applications/SlingPlayer/Contents/Slingbox Setup Assistant/Contents/Resources/SBAV/ (Note that The Contents dirs won't show up unless you do a "Right-Click -> Show Package Contents" when navigating into an app's "Contents" directory.)


                                                      Now go into Slingplayer and run Setup Assistant and 'Configure Video Sources'.  Work through the screens Making sure you select 'Standalone DVR' as the device type (regardless of the type of your device).


                                                      This time use 'Other' as the Manufacturer and the Model and in the next screen scroll to the bottom of the Code numbers, select 'Custom' and then type V2010 (NOT v2010, the code is case-sensitive) in the newly appeared Custom Code window (or use the Alternative Code window in the MAC).  Then complete the setup as normal.  Note that some devices (Comcast DTA for example) do not support Power On/Off so will fail the power test.  Just ignore it and carry on.


                                                      I have mapped all the logical keys.  Extra functions have been mapped to the Custom Menu on the remote (Tap the Menu button at the top of the remote and select Custom) as follows:


                                                      10    a
                                                      11    b
                                                      12    c
                                                      13    d
                                                      14    list
                                                      15    favourite
                                                      16    replay
                                                      17    aspect
                                                      18    inputnext
                                                      19    mydvr
                                                      20    ondemand
                                                      21    options
                                                      22    payperview
                                                      23    vdd   
                                                      24    advance
                                                      25    widgets   
                                                      26    pip on/off
                                                      27    pipch+
                                                      28    pipch-

                                                      29    pipmove


                                                      And to answer the obvious question, you can NOT rename the Custom menu options to their function, SlingMedia do not allow that.  The best thing to do is use Slingplayer V1.5, which allows you to add them as Custom Buttons, with icons, at the bottom of the screen.


                                                      But if you want a much better remote 'skin' which does include the Custom Buttons, then check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/thread/8533?tstart=0


                                                      If you have problems please do NOT just report back it 'doesn't work', that is totally useless for someone trying to understand what is going on.  So please report the following:


                                                      1.   Was there any error message after you typed in the Code and tapped the Power button ?


                                                      2.   Did you give the Power command plenty of time to react ?  (I have a DVR that takes about 6-8 seconds to power up/down)


                                                      3.   After completing the setup (regardless of whether the Power button worked) do any of the other buttons work ?


                                                      4.   Have you used a Digital Camera to confirm the IR Blaster is actually firing when you tap the Power button ?  (Watch the tip of the IR Blaster thorugh the viewfinder while you tap a button.  You should see a white (not red) flash)


                                                      5.   Have you experimented with the placement of the IR Blaster ?  On some devices this is critical so don't give up too quickly.


                                                      6.   Are you sure the device is working correctly using the real remote ?


                                                      7.   If nothing works check out http://betaremotes.slingbox.com where you might be able to build your own remote.