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    Black Screen but connected....


      On my Laptops Both Mac & Windows  my IPad & iPhone.  It says I'm connected goes to the Channel Ive selected shows in yellow box (description of show & time) then all I see is a Black Screen.


      Will you please help!

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          Hi, Golfphotog


          I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO, since you can get the remote connection from your devices but you can only get a black screen.


          The most important clue is that you can see the description and show information (menu options). This means that you need to downgrade the resolution on your cable box/DVR in order to get the A/V signal.


          If you do not know how to, I recommend you to contact your cable service provider in order to know how to adjust these settings.



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              Great Points..... Although in my situation that scenario was not the case. My situation was resolved very simple. After I unplugged Modem, Router, SlingBox.  The SlingBox apparently remained off after I plugged it in. So from my remote location.....I hit power on, on the remote....ALL GOOD!