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    Networking with a bridged router


      So I have an existing network with my main router, DLink DGL4500 as my main router. In the livingroom I have a Netgear router running DD-WRT firmware in the other room that is set to "bridged mode"  This has been up and running without issue. I have other devices, X-Box360 and PS3, that are connected in the same way that my slingbox is, and without any problems.

      First, I hooked up the Slingbox AV to my main router for configuration which seemed to work fine. Now, my Slingbox AV is physicaly located in this other room connected to the bridged router and shows 2 solid lights, indicating connection. I can no longer connect to it.

      Where have I gone wrong? All assistance is appreciated.

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          Hi TheHarjus5,


          What I understand from your post, is that you're having problems trying to connect to the Slingbox.


          In this case, what I would recommend, is to connect the Slingbox to the main router, set it up there, then connect it as it was before.


          If after that the issue still the same, then you will need to check the connections between the routers, besides that, discard any restriction preventing the Slingboz to work properly.