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    Installed Slingbox Solo - Now computer won't boot.


      I just installed the Slingbox Solo software on my computer - Windows XP, Service Pack 3, current updates. Firefox browser. Slingbox installed as an add-on for Firefox. It didn't crash my computer, but now I'm unable to boot into Windows--even in safe mode. I'm sending this on my old W2K machine. I really don't want to spend a hundred dollars or so at the computer shop. Help?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Billze1,


          SlingPlayer- whether you install the stand-alone full app or the Web Player plugin- shouldn't do anything in the slightest that would cause Windows to utterly fail like what you're describing.  I have no doubt it is a frustrating coincidence, but there has got to be something else going on.


          The worst I've seen or heard is that the Player app won't launch.  But totally borking the OS and leaving the computer in a non-bootable state ?  Very unlikely.



          Troubleshooting Windows with the problems you're describing is over my head, hopefully someone else will chime in who knows more about that stuff.



          If there's any way you can run a guest OS off the optical drive that won't modify your hard drive contents, you can at least see if the hardware will start up and hopefully back up some files.  An Ubuntu Live CD maybe ?



          I wish I could offer a better answer, but I think you've got bigger issues than the SlingPlayer.



          - Az