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    Connects remotely but no video feed


      I can connect to my slingbox with my laptop or droid, but the video  never loads on either. I know it is connected becuase I have tethered my  laptop so I wasn't on the home network and the "connect light" came on  at the front middle of the slingbox solo. Did the same with my droid. I have setup port forwarding  (5001) in the Westell 7500 as directed and had it verified via remote  desktop with tech support, but still no video feed when connected  remotely. It works fine when I am on the home network, so I am certain  there is a setting in my modem/router that needs to be done, but I have  searched for days and cannot find a solution. When I run the internet  test in setup it says I am good to go. At a loss here and any help would  be appreciated.