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    Slingbox Solo suddenly stopped working


      While away last weekend my usually very reliable Slingbox stopped working. On my return I noticed that the network light is very dim and is slowly pulsing. I have looked through the forum for solutions and tried a few things (unplugging from power, rebooting router, replacing ethernet cable etc) but nothing works. I have also tried a hard reset, but I am unable to get it to work no matter how long I hold the reset button in. I have read that it could be the power supply, but I have tested it and it is outputting 5.25v.



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          Sound like exactly the same problem I have with my Solo. The only 'strong' red light is the power supply and by fiddling around with the Ethernet cable when I do get a 'double strong' red it won't complete the Set-up process.


          I have noticed the set-up procedure has changed from the old one where you searched for your router and installed that way.  I wonder if there has been a new firmware which is conflicting somewhere.


          Like you, I have without success tried to a reset with no result. Also tried unplugging for 10 mins and re-booting my Netgear 834N router - no success there either.


          If it is an automatic upgrade, I do wish Slingbox would give you the option to update the firmware or not - I work on the basis of if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.


          Not sure where to go from here - any help of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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            Hi, Hovisbap and malctoy


            It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO, since  it does not show a solid network light.


            There are some steps to follow in order to fix this issue. The following link will provide you with the step-by-step instructions to follow in order to fix this issue.


            Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues



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                Hi Sling Solo Users....


                Problem solved and I cannot praise and commend Wolfgang and the Slingbox people in Holland highly enough.


                Like others on here, my Solo just stopped working one day after months of trouble free use. There was one strong power light and a very dim 'Internet' light and no connection or Slingbox could be found online.


                I contacted Sling support using the UK number which was actually connected to Sling in Holland. After describing my symptons, Wolfgang at Slingbox immediately recognised the problem as the power supply plug and dispatched a new one to me straight away and this arrived in three days.


                Plugged Sling, using the new power supply and hey presto - back working good as new !


                It is refreshing to find a company who when recognising a faulty part of their product, they do not hide behind the 'small print' and actively do something about solving the problem. Full marks Slingbox - 10 out of 10 !


                Malcolm Sperring-Toy


                Leek, North Staffordshire

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                    I just rang support in Holland and spoke to Wolfgang, he confirmed that it is 80% likely to be my power supply, but couldn't garentee that I wouldn't be wasting my money. As my Slingbox is out of warranty, I have to take the chance and pay for a new one. So, I went to the product page on the website and guess what.......... the Solo power adapters are OUT OF STOCK "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh" Obviously this is a very common problem!


                    Can ranaleon find out when they are likely to be available again?



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                        Hi Steve


                        Sorry to hear your problem hasn't been resolved.


                        My Slingbox is less than a year old so it wasn't a problem for Wolfgang to send out a replacement PS and that did the trick.  I am sure the problem will be the power supply unit and strangly the replacement PS is identical to the failed one - same Ktec manufacturer etc. One would have thought that if they had a major PS issue Slingbox would have sourced suitable alternative replacements as unless the Ktec has been upgraded, they may experience another bout of failures withing 12 months.


                        The only other course you could take is to search online for same spec power supply with a 5.0v - 4.0amp output.


                        Best of luck