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    Blinking Network Light


      After the most recent firmware update my Slingbox Pro Network light has started blinking and I can't connect to my network.  No changes in network, router or setup, just stopped working one day.  Tried unplugging power and a hard reset using the reset button.  Also tried swapping out routers and network cable, nothing works.  Oddly I can connect my cable modem directly to the Slingbox and get a steady network light but of course that renders the box useless.  Any thoughts?  Is this thing fried after just 2 years?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi viffer,


          It might be fried, but I don't think so.  My clue to that is the solid network light when you directly connect the Slingbox to the cable modem.  If that behavior is consistent (modem = solid light, router = blinky/no light), it sounds like something is preventing your Slingbox from picking up an IP from the router.  If the hardware were busted, it wouldn't care what you plug into the ethernet port.



          Try resetting the slingbox again, this time hold the button longer.  I know you've done this, but you might double check the ethernet cable and router config, just in case.



          Good luck !



          - Az

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              My new hobby in life is pushing the reset button on my Slingbox.  Probably have done it a couple of hundred times over the last 2 weeks with no results.  Short pushes do nothing.  Long pushes simply send it into the hard reset mode and after around 45 seconds it starts blinking again.  No changes to my network settings, I've reset my DHCP allocations, assigned a static IP address, changed out my router, tested my power supply with a multimeter, swapped out my network cable, unplugged it, stuck it under a fan to try and cool the circuit board, nothing works.


              Customer service is still demanding $30 just to talk to tech support and they're probably just going to end up telling me I need to buy a new box but thanks for the $30 contribution to the bottom line.


              I'd appreciate it if someone can point me towards a solution I'm missing but at this point I'm probably resigned to the fact that it's a brick and I need to buy another box from their competitor.

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              BrandonC Novice

              Does the light stay blinking, Blink 5 times then goes dark or just once and goes out?


              If it blinks 5 times and goes out there could be a problem where it won't work at 100mb speeds anymore. If you can set the port on the router that yo have it plugged into to 10mb that may solve the problem.


              For more of an answer see here but you only have until sometime tomorrow morning for it to be available!


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                  Hey BrandonC, thanks for the info but it's a steady contant blinking light, not 5 at a time.  I've tried the trick with plugging it into a computer NIC and forcing 10BaseT to see if it's sending bytes, it is not.


                  Shame about the slingcommunity, there seems to be a lot of useful information on that site that should be archived but apparently they're only going to retain certain select articles.  And it's um, unfiltered and unbiased as well.

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                  Hello viffer,


                  Here  are some troubleshooting steps that you can perform at the Slingbox  location, please check out these two articles and see if they help:


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                  All about the  lights on the front of the Slingbox




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