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    Remote for Blue Tinum BT-DCT 1100 DVB-C box



      I'm looking for option to control a Blue Tinum BT-DCT 1100 DVB-C box.


      I have attempted to learn the codes. I got the learn program up running, but had no success learning any codes.

      (Then I tested the setup with my Philips TV remote, and it could catch something in one out of five to ten attempts)

      So I think my setup OK, but I was not able to learn BT codes.


      Turning to Blue Tinum support, they didn't know anything about slingbox

      But, they told me, that if I should control their device by a universal remote, I should code the universal remote with these IR settings:

         CodeMode: NEC

         UserCode:  06F9


      IMHO, this should be adequate info, if a $20 no-name universal remote can do the job, then same info should be sufficient for the Slingbox Pro HD.

      But I cant figure out where to input this info.

      Anyone got an idea ?


      TIA,. BR Henrik.