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    Has anyone had their Pro-HD network port stop working?


      After 15 months and getting used to the fact that I periodically have to power off and power on my slingbox to keep it connected, the network port now appears to have stopped working.  The sling logo light stays fully lit and powering off and doing a hard reset have no affect.  I'm using a sling turbo to connect to the network that is also connected to my blu ray  player and it is connected to the network and working. I brought the slingbox back to my router and hooked it directly and it still does not show any network light activity and has the same fully lit non flashing sling logo light.  I even tried a different network cable to no avail.  All I can assume is that the network port has somehow been fried.  If anyone knows of a solution other than a $30 tech support call and a $150 out of warranty replacement, I'd love some feedback.