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    What is the minimum internet connection speed that I need?


      What I want to know is what might be the minimum speed needed in order to use the slingcatcher?  I get a much better experience with slingplayer on my PC, than I get on the slingcatcher, and I don't understand why that should be.  Further confusing to me is that my speedtest can show a download speed of 700-1000Kbps, but the slingplayer shows only around 500Kbps, and the slingcatcher will top out around 400 (which is just too slow).  Why should I get so much drop-off between the PC and the slingcatcher?

      Basically, the setup looks like this:

      Slingbox is located in Texas, and connected via internet cable.

      My only internet connection, here in Costa Rica, where I have my slingcatcher, is by a 3g Data Card/Modem (Huawei E166).  I am paying for the top speed offered here, and that is a very inconsistent 1000Kbps (it is supposed to be 1.5Mbps, but has never achieved that speed).  I have to admit that my real speed varies from near zero, to around 500Kbps.  My 3g router is the EnGenius EST6650, which is rated at 150Mbps, and uses a standard LAN port to hard wire the slingcatcher to my 'net.