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    Remote set up?


      I'm in France and my son is in UK he has attached Solo to my Sky box can I install remotely to get control on my laptop in FRance?

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          callanish Apprentice

          No, the initial setup has to be done at the slingbox location. Can you access a computer at the location of your slingbox in the U.K? You could use remote software (logmein) to take over the computer and run the sling setup process through that computer which will be on the local network. Once the setup has been completed, you can then login to your sling account and watch your slingbox from France.

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            Hi Hywelluk,


            What I understand from your post, is that you would like to know if you can configure the Slingbox from a remote location.


            In this case and just as callanish said, you need to do it from the Slingbox location, since there are some features that you can't change away such as the Internet Viewing before you connect from a different place.


            You can also provide the following link to a person at the Slingbox location to configure the unit.


            Slingbox Setup