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    slingbox can not be located on my network


      I go on line to slingbox setup and my slinbox can not be located on my network!

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          BrandonC Novice

          Is this a new slingbox, a used one or one that has worked before? Your post doesn't give many details so it would be hard to figure out yoru issue.

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              I have Slingbox AV with Slingbox Media. All lights are on, and no indication of any problem. Router is working fine, as my computer gets web. As all connections appear to be correct, and all lights are on, why do I get "can't locate your Slingbox" message. We switched from Dish satellite network to Time Warner Cable, but box is similar, and again, all connections appear OK. I've tried to follow directions on SlingBox web (e.g. "select setup assistant form settings menu", or "click the configure  inputs button", but I can't find any of those anywhere on the web! Doing a search while on the website doesn't help either. System used to work, but now very frustrating.  Help please!!! Jim