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    Slow buffer speed away from home


      It's a pretty simple problem... last week I was buffering at great speeds and today I am buffering around 300 kbps on network which this isn't acceptable. Are there any simple fixes that can increase the speed?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Lots of different solutions have been proposed in other threads, which depend on the model of router that you are using, whether your ISP has upload and download throttles that are based on the total amount of data transmitted through your modem, whether your SB is becoming too hot, ...........


          So perhaps if you can provide more information about your specific setup, other SB users in the forum can provide some suggestions.

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              At home I use the apple time capsule with airport integration, away from home i use the DIR-655 by D-Link my speed test at this location show a download speed of 22 mbps and at home the speed test shows an upload speed of .99 mbps yet i stream at 333kbps

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  Your upload speed at the physical location of the SB is a critical factor for smooth streaming.   Where my SB is located, I had been paying more $$ for upload speeds of 4 megabits per second.   I thought I could save some money (about 30%) by switching to the "economy rate" offered by my ISP.   But, I found it reduced by upload speed to 1 megabit per second, and this was just too slow to watch my video stream without frequent stalling and stuttering.   So, I bit the bullet and went back to the higher rate, and now everything works fine.


                  You might try manually adjusting the video quality when watching your SB stream remotely with the web browser application from "Auto" to "Minimum" or "Good" to see if the stalling stops and you can tolerate the somewhat lower video resolution.   Else, you might need to consider means to increase the upload speed of your internet service.

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                  When at my girlfirends who has the smae internetk and the same download speeds I have far better quality and speeds of 999 kbps what's going on?

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                      TG2 Newbie

                      if your girl friend is on the same ISP as you ... then its likely you're getting better speeds because you're in the same network.  The moment you leave your ISP's network, you take a throughput hit, depending on who peers with who, what peering points they peer at, and the lines into where you are and to your home ISP.



                      Comcast DC Customer  (C_C)  -->  ATT NY Customer (ATT_C)


                      is actually

                      Comcast --> DC-Atlanta <--> peer with AT&T --> ATT NY Local -> ATT NY Customer


                      now.. if the line from comcast DC to atlanta is slow, it slows the connection between C_C & ATT_C,

                      if the line from ATT NY Local to Atlanta is slow, then its slow between C_C & ATT_C


                      And if the PEERING POINT in atlanta is congested or slow, again, you'll have a slow connection between C_C & ATT_C



                      But ... if you're at your GF's ...

                      Comcast DC (you) <-->  Comcast Richmond (Girlfriend)


                      you're only on comcasts' network, and so the only latency and bottle necks you would see is if internally comcast is having an issue.


                      Your upgrade of upload speed at home is only going to go so far .. if the real bottle neck to anywhere else on the internet is of issue, then you could have all the speed in the world into your ISP ... but getting from your ISP into other networks becomes the bottleneck.


                      if your upgrade is 10 bucks a month to get 4 meg up ... maybe it will be worth it, you might get a higher prioritized connection ... if your upgrade would cost 40 bucks a month more, then unless you're made of money its not worth the cost .. 40 bucks a month could practically get you another dish subscription.


                      If you have other ISP's available to you, you might check into what their costs are.


                      This is all assuming you don't have intermittent stuff at home (room mates using the connection? or some cracker in on your wireless?)