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    Problems after Cablevision all Digital Upgrade

    brn2rnjk1 Newbie

      Cablevision just went all digital so I havd to get 8 boxes for my system.  Although there is an amplifier, the signal is now split 8 ways instead of 4.  I noticed that my slingviewer in my remote office went from 2000kbps to under 750kbps and often less (and freezes/disconnect frequently).  Does anyone have any advice on this.  I assume it is the upgrade, although I have had freezeing on my old sling which caused me to buy this one a few months ago.  It Not sure what to do but  very annoying.






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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I don't understand why your SB's Internet transmission speed would be slowed by the additional splitting of your television signal.    But I do have my TV signal split many ways because of many TVs and digital video recorders.   And by adding a couple of tv signal amplifiers to my lines I was able to stop the frequent pixelation of my tv broadcasts, which I assume would have been propagated by my SB into its Internet streaming.