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    Can i use Slingcatcher and tv at same time?


      i was wondering i have a slingbox at home, works perfect, i want to buy the slingcatcher  to use it on my tv room as a receiver because i just have 1 satelite box at home, but i was wondering   can  i actually be watching tv and using the slingcatcher at the same time? or the sling catcher works as the slingplayer only 1 can  be use at a time?


      thanks for your help people

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          robbr Newbie

          You can use it in place of a box as long as nobody else is watching that sat box.  If they are and you start changing channels then you might have an upset friend.  But otherwise it should work great, I have to catchers that are connected to a total of 3 Slingboxes, that way I can watch and hopefully not disturb someone watching.